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Bespoke Clothing Fulfilment

Multi-platform for clothing distribution
Retail - Ecommerce - Concessions - Wholesale.


We are a London based clothing warehouse, which has been involved in the clothing business for over 50 years. We have transitioned from being a clothing manufacturer to a service provider to the supply chain, encompassing a bespoke web dispatch and warehouse solution for ecommerce.
We take care of the logistics, garment care and distribution so you can focus on growing your business sales and designs.

why choose us from the others?

London based, multi-faceted operation
Clothing care specialists
Experts in ecommerce platforms
Specialists in online retail distribution
Returns reprocessed and restocked in a day

Gateway to Universal Processing Services

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We are the gateway for a multitude of garment services.

From the obvious ones such as garment processing, pressing, quality control and AQL reports preparations, to more specialized services such as alterations, re-button/ stud/ zip, label change and de-moulding. In addition we can offer you leather expertise should you require it.


We are the gateway for a multitude of garment services.

Garment Processing

AQL & quality control
Re button - stud - zip
Label change
De moulding

Warehouse & Storage

Sorting & preparing stock for distribution
Hanging garments & cartons
Re packing to specification
Bar codes
Kimbell & labelling
Security tags applied

Retail and Online

Bespoke service
Time critical solution
Integrated software sharing
Dispatch via major carriers
DPD, DHL, TNT, UK Mail, Royal Mail
Returns refurbished as new
meet evo

Evo has been the Production Manager for over 20 years and mastered the transition from the analogue era to the digital. The type of work we do has changed from primary volume processing for importers for the retail trade, to now being specialist processors in handling problems of manufacturers. We offer AQL reports, mould removal, label changes and alterations and logistics preparation for retail and online warehouse. Evo has been in the forefront of our new division Smart Web Dispatch. This has been the growth area, with its bespoke service that has proven popular with clothing retailers, where time is critical and returns are refurbished in hours.