Our customer base and business profile

Our customers have changed over the years, as the nature of retailing has changed and embraced a new supply chain management strategy. Bulk garments are now being delivered straight into the retailers’ warehouses in containers and are mainly imports.

Nowadays we offer remedial work for the big retailers and online stores who are looking for a bespoke ecommerce service, which is time critical. Our storage, pick & pack and wholesale distribution is a further growth area.

Current services that are in the growth area customers require in this new trading environment

Dispatch and storage
  • Pick & Pack for wholesale distribution
  • Pick & Pack for concession
  • Web dispatch
  • Handling web returns in one day
  • Preparation for deliveries to ASOS/Zalando
  • Storage, flat packed and hanging garments
  • Bar code printing and stickers
Garment Processing
  • Specialist pressing of leather & difficult materials
  • AQL & Quality Control
  • Rectification work
  • Steam pressing, zips replacement, buttons, poppers etc.
  • Alterations & re-labelling
  • Re-packing consignments according to retailers' manuals
  • Mould and mildew removal - Growing problem that is increasingly common