Our Fashion Stock Clearance and Returns Service

Universal Processing Ltd. and can help with end of the line, surplus or returned stock. We will relabel and repair the garments so you get the best price available. If you have products for export where it needs to be sold outside of the UK, we can facilitate that on your behalf. The service gives you peace of mind that the stock will be handled according to your terms and conditions.

Our Stock Clearance and Returns Services


We have a team of in-house tailors that can change brand and content labels, quickly and efficiently for resale.


Our well trained tailors can do alterations and repairs from poppers, zips and buttons to resizing the garments.


We have a technical department that can check that all garments offered for sale are up to marketable quality. From 2.5 AQL to 100% inspections.


We can sell your stock via our long established eBay and Amazon shops, or help you build your own shop using Shopify.


We can export garments outside the UK to protect the retailer/brand through our trusted network of buyers in Europe and Asia.

Stock Buyers

We can offer stock through our large network of buyers who supply clearing warehouses. No matter how big or small.

Let's discuss your stock clearance and returns options today